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PunkBuster frequently pursuit of identified cheat method signatures in the place of counting on a heuristic strategy. 7 On March 23, 2008, hackers published and applied an evidence of strategy use of PunkBuster’s indiscriminate storage checking. Since PunkBuster runs all of the electronic storage of a machine, malevolent consumers could trigger mass false positives by transmitting text fragments from recognized cheat applications onto a high population IRC channel. When PunkBuster noticed the text within personis IRC buyer wording buffers, the consumers were prohibited. 8 On March 25, 2008, Actually Stability confirmed the existence of this exploit. 8 Games using PunkBuster change

PunkBuster uses a process called ‘global banning’. Possibly the GUID (produced in the cdkey 3) or elements of the pc’s hardware are barred from PunkBuster -enabled servers. Many attempts at cheating is only going to receive a detection warning, but cheats that hinder PunkBusteris application itself could lock-out the GUID of the offending program and disable access to all PunkBuster enabled servers for that particular game. Particularly serious instances of cheating may secure the annoying pc out of all PunkBuster- games that are protected. 4